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    Shulamit Lando - EMDR Psycotherapist
    “The beautiful thing about wood
    is not that it burns,
    but that it floats.

    You can choose to look for
    what destroys something
    or what saves it.”

    ~ Anne Michaels

    I am Shulamit Lando. I have a talent to really listen—also with my heart. I can help you solve your problems and feel better about yourself.

    I call what I do Integrative Psychotherapy. Find out what I mean by "Integrative Psychotherapy".

      I know from experience that moving forward toward your best chosen self is an instinctive, flowing movement. It have the ability to perceive your strengths and help you discover, appreciate and use those strengths in different areas of your life. You don’t need to wait for permission or a Ph.D. You can start right now. I help you find and chose different perspectives from the ones that you have been choosing and have you currently feeling stuck. Through our work you get clear about your situation and new alternatives open for you. We take your core values as a base, we add what you already realize about yourself and, together, we integrate all that information at a different level and bring it into focused action, equipped with newly upgraded courage and confidence.

    Ultimately, I will help you find, improve and ignite the courage and confidence to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you. You will find the way to stay in touch with what and who really matters to you.

    Tools I use: The energy-work I use is remarkable to help you change limiting beliefs and improve self-confidence to remove what's blocking you. You will naturally be able to open and experience new parts of yourself. We can do this together!.

    All of my work, both therapy and coaching, is "holistic" since it takes into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person. We integrate it into a whole self, stopping the struggle and finding meaning in all that is. That is why I call what I do Integrative Psychotherapy and life-coaching

    I enjoy working with women and men from all paths of life, 20 years old and above, who are intelligent, motivated, self-aware, creative and ready to find a solution for their obstacles.

    I work with body/mind techniques and many energy systems from latest findings in the field of quantum disciplines.

    I specialize in relationships, health issues, self-doubt, decision making, overcoming bad habits, stress, anxiety and overcoming trauma. And, ultimately, feeling meaningful in life.

    Read more about me, my personal story and my therapeutic approach

    Contact me at:

    Cell: 0544-868739
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    I work in person or online.

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    I work in Hebrew, English and Spanish.


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